Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just wanted to share how excited i was about voting today! Usually i complain about living in a small town with nothing too exciting in it, but today i truly felt lucky. I was able to walk right in and vote with no waiting.It was not busy at all. (Hopefully thats ONLY because i live in a small town and NOT because people are choosing NOT to vote...that would stink!!) It was GREAT and it totally made my day...lol!!
I hope all you out there that are eligible to vote, do so.... your vote really does matter and it can make a difference. I know people get scared when it comes to politics and believe me...i am definately one of them. I dont understand it all, but i really feel that if you feel a certain way about one of the canidates, dont just sit back and agree...get OUT there and give your vote.Its sooo important.
Anyways- it felt good to get out there and give my vote. So.... GO VOTE too!!! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freeman Family Reunion

Well, this weekend we headed down to Waynesboro, Ms for a family reunion (on Bretts side). We had the oppurtunity to meet alot of relatives we've never met before and it was such a neat experience.Although- i may not remember all these relatives names i sure did enjoy meeting them all and getting to know who fit where in the family or at least HEARING where they fit in!
Bretts dad (Keith)and his 2 uncles (Mike and Steve) were there so it was very nice being able to see them and spend some time with them. It has been a couple years since seeing them last! Upon first arriving there, we were introduced to some family and then shown some pictures(recent and OLD) of family members. I finally had the oppurtunity to see a picture of Bretts grandfather, Rube Alfred Freeman. He was such a handsome man!! Bretts grandfather, Rube, was in WWII (Battle of the Bulge), the Korean conflict and died in 1963 as an "advisor" in vietnam. His wife, Margaret received his "silverstar" and was nominated to Army "Ranger" Hall of Fame. I found learning about him to be so interesting.
Bretts grandmother, Margaret, unfortunately was NOT able to make the trip due to a knee replacement surgery she recently had. Although she was not there, she was missed very much and we will definately keep her in our prayers for a fast recovery!!:)
Everyone pretty much went around introducing themselves to everyone.There was lots of food and pictures and i even saw a blanket an older relative had made. When it was time to leave, of course MORE pictures were taken. It will be neat to have those pictures around for the next generations of FREEMANS to come.We had a good time and i feel so fortunate to be apart of this family reunion, it was neat having the oppurtunity of meeting some of Bretts relatives!!:)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Still Here

Wow.... I have really slacked at this blogging thing. I think I just gave up for a while because im STILL not sure how to do certain things! Oh well, in due time i'll figure it out.
Anyways- Brayden has had numerous soccer practices and games now since ive posted last. These past 2 games he has even made a GOAL!! We were so excited to see this and he does so well playing! I have to admit...I LOVE being a soccer mom!! It is so much fun watching him play because i can see the drive he has for this game. Im sure alot of the other parents there find me quite amusing. My friend Sandi and I are like screaming maniacs cheering both our sons/teams on. Its hilarious...we get out of our chairs hollering(in a good way) and everything!!LOL! I think its just funny because as beginners its really not as serious but its so intense i tell ya..haha!
Regardless- i love going and watching him play, it makes me happy seeing him do something he enjoys!!:)
Oh... just wanted to give a shout out to my little sister. Its her birthday today. So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY...I love you!:)

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok... I am new at this and i am still trying to figure some things out....like getting my pictures smaller. Thank you Kimmy for trying to help me. I tried and i still dont know what im doing..lol. What the heck are these little wrench and screwdrivers on the side anyways??? I promise to get more up.Brayden had his first soccer practice yesturday so i am definately excited to put those up!!! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School

Well, the kids started school on the 6th of this month and i think we are off to a good start. Kaylee is now in fourth grade and Brayden is in kindergarten. He is so thrilled to finally be able to go where his sissy goes all day. I was so suprised to see how excited he was for me to drop him off...i think Kaylee would of loved for me to stay on her first day in fourth grade..hehe. I just cant believe how fast the years go by. I remember a time when i just couldnt wait for time to hurry up and now that i am here, i am wishing it would slow down....isnt it crazy how that works.? Kaylee and Brayden both seem to be adjusting to school so far and have already made some new friends!:) I look forward to seeing them progress this year!!

My soceer boy!